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Biodymanic agriculture

We would call someone childish if hewould try to explain the phenomenon of magnetism by only looking at the magnetic needle. In the same way it is childish to believe, that one could explain the life of a plant by only looking at those factors in the immediate presence of the plant. The entire cosmos and its celestial bodies participate in the vegetative processes.“



The Agriculture Course

Geisteswissenschaftliche Grundlagen zum Gedeihen der Landwirtschaft

(Landwirtschaftlicher Kurs) 

Духовнонаучные основы успешного развития сельского хозяйства.

Сельскохозяйственный курс

Acht Vorträge, gehalten in Koberwitz bei Breslau, 07.06 – 16.06.1924. Dornach 1925, (GA 327)



Important products in biodynamic agriculture


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