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Modern Spiritual Science or Anthroposophy, as it has been established by Rudolf Steiner (1864-1925), presents a unique cultural and spiritual impulse in the history of modern thought.  Whatever one may think about Steinerís ideas and claims in particular, whether one sees them as serious science or a product of the imagination (or, as Steiner claimed, both)† - the mere existence of his comprehensive written work and his far-reaching influence on modern medicine, agriculture, education, art, and philosophy present a fascinating phenomenon that has not yet attracted adequate scholarly attention.

The written work of Rudolf Steiner is available in a relatively well edited complete edition, the GA (Gesamtausgabe), published by the Rudolf Steiner Verlag in Dornach. Most of the 340 volumes of this edition, however, are not readily available as there are only a handful public libraries outside of Germany that hold the entire collection. The Rudolf Steiner Online Archiv seeks to make this body of texts freely available in digital form.

The page numbers of our texts follow the GA, not in order to imitate or replace this important edition, but in order to allow for a unified manner of referencing. Links guide the user to English and Russian translation of the most influential texts. Translations in other languages will follow as they become available.

A significant number of texts have gone online line that are not yet completely edited and spell-checked.† We have decided to publish these texts despite their imperfections, because many our users have expressed a desire access to the entire collection.† In time, all texts in the archive should meet the same qualitative standard.

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